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The Easiest Way To be a More Positive Parent 

If your family is  anything like my family, you’ve found out that long lectures and “motivational speeches” are really not making your kids do anything more than yawn and wait to be excused. There is a better way to motivate your kids and promote positive thinking my friends, and it’s easy, but it does take persistence and time!

While there are always many moments in our parenting careers that we question our abilities, how we’re doing and what we can do better, my husband and I opened our eyes when 

our daughter started coming home from school, and for an entire week she hid in her room. It was difficult to know what was going on with her as we’d ask, but get no real answer. As we know, we can’t control other people, but we can control ourselves. My husband and I resolved to be more positive, not just in front of the kids, but all-around.

Starting the shift to a more positive mindset is VERY accessible. It’s Simple. Super easy peasy. Just stop saying certain words and replace them with better words.

Small changes like using different words can have a big impact on how you see the world, how your kids see the world, how your kids see you, how your kids see themselves.

Here are some commonly used words/statements, and some suggestions for replacements: 

  1. Can’t – Can.
  1. Failure – Learning curve.
  1. Problem – Opportunity for change.
  1. Mistake – In need of a correction.
  1. It’s all wrong – It’s different than I had expected. 
  1. Hate – I don’t fully understand.
  1. Swear words – Darn. Dang. Turkey Dog. Snickerdoodle.  (Think Flanders from the Simpsons!)
  1. Nothing goes my way – Things always seem to work out.

Regardless of what you’re trying to do, remember that change doesn’t come over night. True, meaningful change is the result of small, deliberate actions every day. At first catching yourself might be a little challenging, but with persistence, it will become natural to you. We’re happy that our daughter has emerged from her cavern to socialize, laugh and just be herself. I think she feels better when positivity is floating around. It’s contagious (unless you’re Oscar the Grouch!).

Tip: Get your partner or friend to catch you when you’re using negative statements and break the habit for good. Correct statements as they come out and don’t be discouraged! Creating new habits does take time. 


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