6 Tips for Parents to Pursue a Better Life, Despite Fear

As a kid, I didn’t have too many fears. Perhaps not having chocolate milk stocked in the fridge for when I woke up – or if I had to skip a day at the barn where I rode horses – but that was pretty much the extent of it. Somewhere down the line (I’ll be darned), we start to doubt our greatness and begin to see the world as flawed. Over time, we learn to accept those flaws as our realities. With a little thought, prayer, meditation, you too can learn to love yourself and pursue a better life for yourself, despite what others think of what you say/do. When you embrace a new attitude and go for what you truly want, you start feeling happier and instead of looking back and saying “I wish I had” you can say, “I’m glad I tried.” The best version of you is also the best version of you for your kids and families.

Tips for Parents to Pursue a Better Life:

1. Life is short. Embrace it fully. You won’t get back yesterday, last year, or the last decade. Resolve to embrace life now. Don’t wait another day.

3. Life is giving. When you commit to making small changes now, you’re committing to a better life.

4. Do what inspires you and don’t worry about pleasing everyone, because you can’t. Tune out even the most influential people in your life when pursuing a lifetime goal. They can give their feedback, and you can listen, but don’t let their suggestions derail your progress. This is your life and your goals, not theirs.

5. The hardest critic is yourself. Be easier on yourself and celebrate your small victories. 

6. Wake up each morning to a “new” truth. Let go of “old” presumptions that are holding you down and rewrite your story. For example, instead of me saying, “I’m so boring no-one will read my blog,” try “I am so full of wisdom and life! Everyone will want to read my input/advice and they will grow from it.” You might not fully believe it at first, but don’t give up on rewiring your thoughts because that’s what is truly guiding your life.

Let fear go when it prevents you from making moves towards greatness for you and your family. Instead, embrace an attitude of “what do I have to lose” and show your kids/family that a great life is non-negotiable. When things get tough, take a breather and try to dispel harmful “truths” with helpful “truths”.




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